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Midway Plaza
1329 University Ave Suite I
Huntsville, TX 77340
Monday - Friday
10:30am - 6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday
Sorry, we no longer deliver.
Bearkat owned and operated since 2003. We pride ourselves in making all our foods fresh in-house every morning. We use only the freshest ingredients to give our foods the home cooked taste we've all come to know and love. Growing up in the heart of the Mississippi Delta amid the aromas of my grandmother's kitchen, I have an appreciation for freshly grown and flavorful food. Warm afternoons were spent in wooden rockers on fresh air porches shelling peas and butterbeans. Tomatoes ripened on sunny window sills while golden cornbread baked in hot ovens.
From our delicious buffalo chip cookies to our mouth watering house-made chicken salad on a soft croissant and everything else in between, our menu items are sure to satisfy any appetite. Southern food is simple, so flavor and freshness is tantamount. In keeping with our core values for food we:

•Slice our own high quality meats.
•Bake fresh chicken and chop it by hand.
•Saute fresh vegetables.
•Season with sea salt.
•Grill with olive oil.
•Make everything from scratch, so to say.