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                  To feel well, you’ve got to eat well!


                             7.99 for up to 5 toppings--Extra topping .50         


           Siggi’s Vanilla Yogurt (traditional Icelandic yogurt: half the ingredients,

                       40% less sugar, 60% more protein, life active culture)

                                                        Chocolate Quinoa (tri-color quinoa steamed in coconut milk with cocoa powder and honey) 

                            1 cup quinoa contains:

  •                                                5g fiber and 8g protein plus a ton of other minerals,
  •                                                                                         like manganese, zinc, iron, folate, magnesium, and so on;
  •       contains omega-3 fatty acids;
  •                                                        is a complete protein (contains all essential amino acids);
  • non GMO and gluten-free;
  •           higher in fiber than most grains;
  •                                                      low glycemic index (so perfect for people with diabetes);
  • very high in antioxidants.

Our toppings

Fruit: Banana, strawberry, blueberry, pear, mandarin oranges, seasonal fruits

Judy’s Homemade Granola (oatmeal, almonds, craisins, pecans, honey, butter and brown sugar)

Nuts and Seeds—Pistachios, pumpkin seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, cashews, Hemp hearts, chia seeds, flax seed

Immunity boosters—Crystallized ginger, Elderberry Gummies, Coconut date energy bites, Dark chocolate chips, Honey, Chocolate quinoa

May we suggest?

Pistachio/Chrystallized Ginger/Granola Yogurt     Coconut Date Energy Bites with Yogurt or Quinoa      Mixed Fruit


Coffee Menu

Hot or Iced

All coffee made from Cold-Brewed Dead Man’s Reach

16 oz.Coffee with up to 2 flavors--$3.50

       Latte--Frothed Heavy Cream, 2% Milk, or Almond Milk--$5.00

        Flavorings--------- 1 oz. additional flavorings $.50

Simple Syrup                 Salted Caramel             Vanilla

            Chocolate                             Caramel                 White Chocolate

Toasted Marshmallow            Coconut                   Hazelnut

Sugar Free Options

Caramel or Vanilla

May We Suggest?

Keto Latte- 1 tsp. Simple Syrup, Heavy Cream (2 Carbs)

Moon Pie—Toasted Marshmallow and Chocolate

Almond Joy-Almond Milk, Coconut, and Chocolate

Chocolate Truffle—Chocolate and Hazelnut



 Egg Bite Duo served with pesto aioli or Roasted Red Pepper Aioli    $5.00 

            Roasted red pepper                 and spinach


               Pepperjack and                         Poblano 

Ham and Bacon Quiche Muffins with pico or aioli  


Mini loaf Banana Bread with cinnamon honey butter--$2.99